16 July 2018 - 24 August 2018.



The dictionary definition of 'Imprint' includes 'marking a surface, or fixing an event or experience in the memory so that it cannot be forgotton'. Appropriate, as I'll be collaborating with my artist son, Christopher, in what will be our first joint exhibition. Appropriate and poignant, as the body of work we will be exhibiting will be reminiscent of many happy family holidays spent in Oldshoremore, Durness, Kinlochbervie and Polin. However, time has moved on and children are now grown and following their own paths in life. Recent holidays to that part of the world have centred in and around Ullapool, exploring the wonderful, ancient scenery and contemporary vibe of the town itself. 






painting with water based oils001

 painting with water based oils004

WASPS Studios, Studio L, Courtyard Studios, 128 Harbour Street, Irvine, Ayrshire. KA12 8PZ

Email: maybyrne@yahoo.com